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Transforming client content for presentation to a varied audience. Developing and designing web sites, web applications and value added consulting. Adcock Associates, LLC also provides competitive hosting for preferred clients.

Software and computer systems have been a hobby as well as a career. Additionally, I am a trained EMT and Fire Fighter currently serving as Deputy Chief for Pace’s Point Fire & Rescue. I am a PADI Dive Master and Dive Medical Technician (DMT) serving with the Chambers County Sheriff's Dive Team. I am a certified DAN instructor. Off-hours I enjoy living on Lake Martin and traveling with my wife. I’ve also been known to pick a tune on the banjo occasionally.


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Adcock Associates, LLC - Lake Martin, AL (Dadeville)

Software Developer - Information Architect - Consultant / February 2003 -

Design and develop custom client content management sites and/or web applications. Consultant to large corporations and educational institutions. Sys Admin for proprietary Linux servers.

iFleet Inc. - Atlanta, GA

Director of Development / 1993 - February 2003

Successfully assembled and managed development teams of software engineers for a $50 million revenue company. Teams were located in Atlanta GA, Auburn AL, Peoria IL, and Camarillo CA. Responsibilities included the hands on design, development and deployment of large scale, client server and web based distributed systems; the evaluation of new technologies resulting in recommendations relevant to our customers’ requirements; the establishment of standards and best practices for development teams; management of contractors, vendors, Quality Assurance, documentation and System Administration.

  • Developed the business objects to support multiple J2EE Struts-based applications, including the company portal and tools to front-end a legacy AS/400 DB2 database.
  • Co-developed the JAWS/USE systems (written in Java/JSP/HTML and Oracle), used by our call center to dispatch service providers to our client’s customers.
  • Designed, lead and co-developed a web-based Trouble Tracking System (TTS) written in PHP with an Oracle 8i database.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the company Intranet.
  • Personally wrote the CTI TelSet Browser application (written in Visual C++) for the call center.
  • Designed and co-developed multiple client web sites.
  • Personally wrote the Communications server for the Central Site Monitoring System (CSMS) (written in C++ utilizing inter-process communication (IPC) systems) which monitored vehicle security. This was accomplished for CarCop, a proprietary predecessor to On-Star.
  • Co-developed a customer service system for a large security company (written in C++,) with components on Digital UNIX and Win32.
  • Recruited, trained and managed teams of Auburn University Cooperative Education MIS and CSE students in the successful implementation of over twenty projects.

GTE Interactive Services, Inc. - Atlanta, GA

Network Communications Engineer / 1990 - 1993

One of five members of the Product Engineering Group, I designed, developed specifications, developed prototypes and implemented GTE's ReMarket program of card based services. This included an Electronic Payment System of credit, debit and check. Designed and developed a patent for a Customer Discount, Coupon and Promotion system. Designed, co-developed and implemented "GiftLink" - the first frequent shopper club for a large grocery chain.

Shannondata, Inc.- Atlanta, GA

President - Owner / 1984 - 1990

Designed and developed a Point of Sale System for Video specialty stores, record and tape stores and grocery stores. Successfully sold and installed in twenty-four states processing millions of rental, return and sales transactions per week. Developed complete IBM 4680 store system to mimic outdated IBM 3680 system for a major retail chain.

Societe International de Telecommunications Aeronautiques (SITA) - Paris, France

Applications Programming Manager / 1973 - 1984

Responsible for development of the Gabriel Airline Applications division in Atlanta. Gabriel provided the international airline community with Assembler-based, real-time Univac 494 and Univac 1180/90 mainframe applications for tracking passenger reservations, baggage, weather, and hotel/motel reservations.

Programmer Analyst

Performed specifications review, project design, flowchart, source, debug/offline testing, and final online implementation of Univac 494 and Univac 1180/90 mainframe international airline support software.